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A New Idea of Ratio – by Toan Nguyen

The Ratio sofa, an homage to rationalism, emobodies contemporary elegance and grace.

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The Turri Design creative team will expand, and, with extreme ratio, it will welcome the signature of Toan Nguyen.

This new collaboration confirms again a decisive move toward increasingly contemporary design solutions.

Without nostalgia or compromises on current lifestyles and comfort, the Ratio collection is the culmination of Nguyen’s vision for a more ideal existence and Turri’s long history of expert craftsmanship.

Toan Nguyen‘s designer style offers a peaceful, mindful hiatus from cosmopolitan reality. The collection is a meditation on proportion, and it examines the concept of comfort as an escape from everyday life. Through the thoughtful composition of proportions, shapes and details, “Ratio” aids us in our perpetual search for the balance between the daily frenzy of our lives and much-needed respite from the world’s endless distractions.


The Ratio sofa, in its woven leather structure, freely conveys contemporary elegance. An abundant seat with cushions, covered in fabric, is equally large and independent, supported by a metal structure wrapped on the sides by a leather weave reminiscent of a waving ribbon raised off the ground by thin metal feet.

Detail and manufacturing quality are the symbols of a contemporary language that invites us to reflect on the presence of the physical person as a central element in the design of furnishings which, above all, must be functional and ready to meet different types of spaces.

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