Sustainability | Turri Design


Believing in a theory or vision of sustainability is not enough. We must take action.
Turri Design recognises that environmental protection is vital for the future of the Earth and for the present. This is why we are making progress toward becoming a completely sustainable company. It starts with the choice of raw materials and continues through a local supply chain that is one hundred percent Italian, all with the support of a diverse and inclusive team.

  • Values

    We are currently taking the appropriate measures to continue our furniture production in the most eco-friendly ways possible to protect natural resources, the environment and to reduce global warming.

  • Social responsability

    The theme of sustainability implies values of an ethical as well as environmental nature, a social responsibility that must necessarily be included within the strategic corporate vision. Turri Design critically evaluates and addresses issues of social and ethical impact within the company and in all areas of its activity.

  • Materials

    Turri Design involves its production and suppliers in analysing factors that could damage the environment. We have always been committed to respecting forests, turning to suppliers who use timber from legal cuts and who operate with high conservation values.
    It all starts with the choice of raw materials we use in our manufacturing processes: materials and paints are sustainable and / or treated with natural products and can be easily recycled.

  • Made in italy production chain

    Made in Italy production chain Today, sustainability is an obligation, no longer just a choice. And, especially for companies like ours, it is important to take maximum responsibility and pay careful attention to the impact our production can have on the planet. Over the years, Turri Design has been able to create a dense network of local suppliers and collaborators. The network of relationships positively affects the local economy and that of the partners who support us in our production. Our strong relationships also ensure that our products are made only with the finest materials, adding important value that our customers appreciate. We are therefore honored to include the label “Made in Italy” on our furniture, and we proudly fulfill economic duties for national development by cooperating with local suppliers.

  • Circularity

    To support the circular economy, Turri Design collaborates with specialised companies to reintroduce the production waste as by-products. We commit to reduce the waste as much as possible and to ease the efficient recycle of the material which cannot be reused. We perform the material optimisation, the production efficiency improvement, and the identification of opportunities to avoid the waste by minimizing the whole environmental impact of our production activities. The disposal of non-useable waste is consciously managed by respecting the local regulation and filling in an Environmental Declaration Form with all the information about the disposed batches.


  • Compensation

    In this historical period the climate change and its negative effects on people are clear and Turri Design commits to reduce its environmental impact. We understand how urgent is acting against the climate change by implementing an innovative approach to balance our carbon footprint through the plant­ing of new trees.

Safe working environment

Turri Design has long since adopted a policy of inclusiveness. We place high value on maintaining and supporting a diverse and inclusive team, which we view as an essential social ideal for the workplace. We consider our team as one big family. Turri Design strives to provide the best possible working conditions for our employees. This includes adhering to the highest safety standards as well as fostering a safe psychological environment. We encourage dialogue between our employees and with management. We also provide ongoing professional development, including specialised courses, and offer caring support and guidance through our HR department.