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Turri Design is a working group in which Italian craftsmanship interprets the international culture of living. In addition to Turri, a long-standing symbol of Italian craftsmanship, Turri Design is a new representation of modern luxury. Based on the values of intelligence, experience and knowledge, Turri Design is the culmination of 100 years of tradition.

Turri Design adheres to an aesthetic that is neither minimalistic nor opulent. Instead, it plays on the intersection of streamlined and prestigious, by viewing all aspects of daily living through a contemporary luxury lens.

  • Since 1925, the first pieces of furniture to leave Pietro Turri’s shop were immediately identified for their quality. Three words, then as today, reassume the Turri philosophy: original, authentic, unique. These are the values that permeate all our products: from individual pieces to comprehensive interior decoration projects.

  • Sustainability

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    Turri Design recognises that environmental protection is vital for the future of the Earth and for the present. This is why we are making progress toward becoming a completely sustainable company. It starts with the choice of raw materials and continues through a local supply chain that is one hundred percent Italian, all with the support of a diverse and inclusive team.

Turri Design is founded on 100 years of traditional craftsmanship. Working alongside Turri, this working group’s strength lies in many years of artisan experience and a deep knowledge of how to create furniture and home goods by hand.


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  • Original, authentic, unique. These are the founding principles of Turri, one of the leading brands for home goods and furniture Made in Italy.

  • We are looking at luxury in a new way. With Turri Design, all aspects of daily living are interpreted through a contemporary take on luxury.