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design by Monica Armani

Embark on a journey to the Eternal City with the Roma collection. Inspired by Italian architecture, the distinguishing element of the collection is the rounded arch, a symbol of harmonious perfection.

“Straight and rounded lines chase each other, connecting to create unique objects born from the union of historical memory and contemporaneity.”

Monica Armani

Together, Turri Design and the international style of Monica Armani give rise to the Roma collection, striking a balance between aesthetics and innovation, technology and tradition. In Roma, the stylistic hallmark of the Italian designer is fulfilled by Turri’s expertise in manufacturing.

The living area includes a sofa, a daybed, tables and a TV cabinet, all of which evoke the great architecture of Rome, in the name of soft and elegant lines.

The sofa and dormeuse offer a generous seat and independent cushions, which, along with a plush armrest, deliberately extend along the perimeter of the padding, creating a feeling of immersive comfort. The inspiring shape of the coffee tables is the appealing rounded line that defines the Roma collection. Cylindrical bases covered in leather support cantilevered crystal tops, forming a detail that becomes a small piece of architecture at the same time.

In its seductive simplicity, the dining area offers two models of tables: one made entirely of glossy lacquered wood and the other featuring a unique metal base made of vertical tubes. The chairs, with smooth or embroidered backrests, reference the round arch found throughout the collection.

The Roma collection reinterprets the handmade ornamentation of Turri’s historical heritage with a modern pattern that can be used as a decoration on glossy lacquered wood or as embroidery on leather.

Sideboards, cabinets, showcases and an étagère are offered as customisable elements in support of various rooms of the house. A geometric pattern, serving as common thread between tradition and innovation, is proposed on the doors of the storage furniture and on the upholstered sections of the consoles.


In the sleeping area, the main character is the Roma bed, composed with a winged structure. It’s accompanied by Roma beauty, a dressing table, as well as a chest of drawers, bedside tables and home accessories, including a lamp table and a mirror.

Roma was conceived as an expression of simplicity and elegance. With its round or oval shapes and tactile curves, this collection is highly suitable for sophisticated, modern homes.

  • Roma Living room
  • Roma round table, chairs, sideboard
  • Roma sideboard
  • Roma dining room
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Turri + Monica Armani

Always look for the essence of the sign. The lines and geometries are not overloaded with elements but find a point of balance between the memory of the years and contemporary taste. Projects cared for in every single detail by the Studio team, which is not limited to just the design of the object, but often proposes different functions of use, introducing new techniques and materials and, on some occasions, following all the aspects of the development, in a total service design concept. Retracing the steps of the great masters, Studio Monica Armani has also chosen to devote itself with attention to temporary architecture, considering it a concrete and conscious response to the sustainability needs of our time.