Riban | Turri Design

design by Toan Nguyen

In this collection, the search for the contemporary is revealed through a play of surfaces, twists and turns: the outside becomes inside; the backrest becomes a seat; and materials alternate in a way that is as organic as it is logical.

“Riban is a kaleidoscope of materials and purposes that move beyond the borders of everyday life. ”

Toan Nguyen

The intersection between Toan Nguyen‘s contemporary style and the craftsmanship of Turri Design is tied to history, to the origin of every language. Thus, the inspiration for the Riban collection was born: From the Old French word “ruban,” the undulating yet structured shape of ribbon prompted the new sofa designs by Toan Nguyen for Turri.

The structure of the armchair and sofa is upholstered in leather, in harmonious contrast with the upholstery fabric of the cushions.

This new living room shows Turri’s march toward Italian production that is increasingly oriented towards international design. Take, for example, the presence of buttons on the backrests, a detail that revisits a traditional element in a more contemporary and cosmopolitan key.

  • Riban living room
  • Riba armchair
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Turri + Toan Nguyen

For Toan Nguyen design is a discipline intimately bound up with the object, in the traditional sense of the term. Priority is given to physical relationships with users. Toan Nguyen founded his Milan studio in 2009, embarking on a series of successful collaborations with several major brands known for high-quality products and fine craftmanship in Europe, North America, and Asia, on furniture, lighting, ceramics, as well as on technological products. Toan Nguyen’s designs are made to last, making enduring contributions to a brand’s success and enhancing its visibility; every project undertaken pushes frontiers and takes up fresh challenges.