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"Art does not reproduce what is visible but makes visible what is not always visible." —Paul Klee

Turri Design adheres to an aesthetic that is neither minimalistic nor opulent. By viewing all aspects of daily living through a contemporary lens, it plays on the intersection of streamlined and prestigious as it interprets the international culture of living.

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All designers

We work side by side with brilliant architects and interior designers from around the world. Each distinguished by his or her own style, these designers bring their unique experiences and knowledge of the world to the table. They infuse the Turri brand with the latest international trends and a range of diverse creative visions, resulting in limitless reinterpretations of luxury design.


  • Contract

    Over time, Turri has proudly developed a special Contract Division exclusively dedicated to turnkey projects: private residences, offices, shops, hotels and yachts.

  • Turri Bespoke

    Thanks to our special project division, we are able to actively collaborate with architects and designers in the development and production of luxury interiors.